Curious how
our minds work?


Curious how our minds work?


The way we think is shaped by the way your customers think. We’ve been creating and refreshing brands for New Zealand companies and products since 2002, so we’re in constant contact with the effects of market change. When you work with us, you can expect strategy formulation, problem solving, design creation and story telling that is precisely crafted to help you achieve your business objectives.



We consult with you to learn about your business

Some of our clients know exactly what they want their brand to say and the message it should communicate, and others need more guidance. We're fine either way; whichever approach works best for you.




We create some great designs for you to choose from.

Even before our talented designers make a start, the magic has already begun once we've started to apply our creative thinking to you and your business.

Your business gets more of the customers you want.

Now we're getting down to the business end of your project and we begin putting your new brand into place so that you can begin getting more of the customers you want.

You give us feedback and we begin rolling out your new brand.

Here's where the excitement really begins, when you get to see what inspired creations we're coming up with for your new or refreshed brand! You give us feedback and we begin rolling out your new brand.


The 6 Biggest Branding Mistakes

Are you reviewing your existing brand? Have you got big ideas for something new? This 20 minute read will give you several insights into how to get the best from your investment. Whether branding is new to you or you’ve been through the process before, there are always pitfalls to avoid. This e-book will help you steer your way to achieving a better and more cost-effective result for your organisation.

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Brand Facts

A strong brand is more than just a pretty face, is your brand doing all it can for your business? Is it working to its full potential? Does it convey the best image of your business and truly reflect the ethos of your company? Find out with our Brand Facts ebook and unleash the power of your brand.

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The Secrets to Design Magic

So you've decided to work with a design agency, congratulations! But how do you ensure you get the results you want? Whether you have a clear vision of your idea or no idea of where to start, knowing how to communicate with your agency will go a long way to producing that spark of creative brilliance we're all looking for. This e-book will teach you how to get the absolute best from your agency and create that little bit of design magic.

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