A little about us

We’re a group of creatives and thinkers with a passion to help businesses thrive


A little about us


When you engage us for a branding mission, our strategy expertise and hands-on experience with design and implementation make the process of brand invention (or reinvention) enlightening and enjoyable. Throughout the course of your project, you’ll find us inclusive, collaborative and easy to work with.

Our People

Nick Maltby


Nick studied graphic design in the UK and since arriving in NZ from London in 2001 has been working in the creative industry working with, and leading teams developing and communicating brands across many business segments. From pharma, construction,  B2b, retail, agricultural advertising, maori cultural design and others.

Nick’s role at Brand Counsel is to lead the overall business and oversee client ensuring projects are delivered on track and to the standard that Brand Counsel and our clients are very used to.

"I love seeing our client’s faces light up when they see how their precious brands and businesses are lifted to a new level. As we work with mostly medium and small businesses this is even more satisfying as the value for these types of companies quickly outweighs the investment. We respect and take our clients investment into their brands very seriously. We aim to put every dollar of their precious budget to good use to ensure they get more out of the process than they ever thought they would."

Richard Wheatley


The ringmaster of Brand Counsel’s creative team, as well as the key interface between clients and the agency team, Richard has been eating, sleeping and breathing graphic design for more than 35 years. Before setting up shop in New Zealand in 2002, he ran his own creative agency in the UK that specialised in design for book publishing and corporate branding. Today his immense knowledge and skills are focused on helping small to-medium Kiwi businesses get the most mileage from every branding dollar they spend.

As a member of the Chartered Society of Designers, Richard likes to keep his perspectives fresh with regular exposure to others who share his passion for remarkable graphic design.

And to ensure he’s always as sharp as a tack, he maintains a regime of long-distance running and golf. Fresh air and family are important.

"Nothing pleases me more than being clever with a client’s budget, which means thinking differently and finding new ways to extract maximum value and impact from their investment. We’re here to create influential business assets that lead to greater customer conversion and retention. It’s all about results, because they produce client happiness. That’s our ultimate goal.”

Russell Johnson

Senior DEsigner

Russell has been happily immersed in the world of design since 1988. Before immigrating to New Zealand in 2007, he worked at the BBC, Wolff Olins and other leading design and brand companies in the UK. Russell brings invaluable brand knowledge and experience to our clients, along with the ability to create standout designs that reflect the personality and objectives of their business. As the digital world has grown, Russell has kept pace with the challenges and opportunities it presents for the application of brands. It’s all part of a conscientious dedication to ensuring his creative work is an effective business asset for clients across all their customer touchpoints.

To help nourish his creative mind, Russell likes to stay active. He enjoys keeping fit and indulges in a wide range of activities, including circuit training, gym work, running and cycling.

"I love coming up with original ideas and seeing them become part of the real world. I’ve always found it intriguing how you start with a blank piece of paper, then a couple of months later you have something that’s out there representing a business and helping them achieve their goals.”

Ritchie Harvey


Ritchie is an experienced Business Director who possesses a wealth of expertise within the brand, marketing and advertising sector. His skills encompass photography, advertising, brand design, integrated marketing, and marketing strategy. Working across brands including DB Breweries, TipTop, Visa, Ford Motor Company, Arivda, Chorus and Waste Management.

Grant Senior

Web DEvEloper

Grant is the technical brain that brings our more complex website concepts to life. Originally a 3D animator, he ensures the journey from web design to web reality is seamless and successful. Grant takes pride in being a thorough coder and maintaining W3C standards. He also has an excellent understanding of the user experience, which means the websites he builds for Brand Counsel are easy to use, as well as being easy on the eye.

When he’s not coding or polishing the user experience, Grant is a musician. He studied jazz, loves to play music with a strong improvisational element and currently plays in two bands.

"Our aim is to create websites that look great and stand out because there’s something different about them. That can mean technical challenges, but I enjoy making the code behave itself. I also like seeing the site through a visitor’s eyes, so that browsing the site is intuitive and enjoyable.”

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