Building great brands simply

Building great brands simply

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Building great brands simply

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Building great brands simply

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Does your brand need to evolve? Do you want to create a brand from the ground up? Or maybe you have multiple overlapping brands that need better differentiation? Brand Counsel is an experienced brand design agency in Auckland. We create or transform brands based on customer needs, competitor positions and market opportunities.

Does your brand need to evolve? Do you want to create a brand from the ground up?

Does your brand need to evolve?
Do you want to create a brand from the ground up?

Recent Work

Recent Work

Clean slate brand project for IT recruitment company
younity sign
Naming and brand assets to capture market attention
threefold logo
Playing with typography for the legal profession
CMP scrim
Tim Rainey Barrister
Brand refresh to help reposition civil engineering firm.
mackenzie civil web
Metro Commercial
Consultancy demands a dose of disruption
Brand reinvention for architectural practice
Ministry of Architecture and Interiors logo
Ministry A + I
happy prime website
Happy Prime






Branding is about the total customer experience. It includes the obvious things – like your logo, tagline, website, signage and stationery – and it also covers the not-so-obvious things, such as your values, back story and language style.


A great website begins with a carefully considered plan that is tied firmly to your business objectives. What does your site need to do? The purpose of your site will drive content and design decisions, helping you to influence visitor behaviour and shape outcomes.


Ink on paper has been helping people to get their message across for more than 600 years, and print continues to be a powerful communication channel – even with the growth of the online world. Humans are tactile creatures; we enjoy the feel of paper.


Effectively expressing your brand on the inside and outside of your business premises is important for your internal culture, as well as your customers. We’ll help your brand come to life through signage, as-well-as artful use of brand palette colours and textures.

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Ever wondered how effective your brand really is?
Some brands last for many years without needing more than a tweak to stay relevant, sometimes businesses evolve and their brand needs to catch up and some brands are just plain tired. Why don’t you find out how your brand stacks up now?
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Luke Snedden

"I’ve been working with Richard for over 3 years now. His branding business created the name, branding design and website for our new venture. Since Threefold went live, we have grown from strength to strength. I get comments all the time about how useful and unique our website is.

I would recommend Richard to anyone who’s serious about the way they need to look in business."

"This was our first experience of creating a brand, and Richard and the team provided invaluable guidance. The process was well constructed, and we felt that the results were a great reflection of what we wanted to achieve.

We were happy with the brand initially, but it has since grown on us even further so that now, like a favourite jacket, it feels comfortable and like it’s been with us forever!"

Brand Counsel are full of inspired and innovative creations and their ability to convert their creations into a distinctive brand that fits means I keep on returning to them with my business. I highly recommend you do the same.


You’ll find us inclusive, collaborative and easy to work with. Explore our site to see how we’ve solved brand challenges for businesses of all sizes, then contact us for a no-obligation conversation.