The Back Office Company

Brand refresh and website for bookkeeping company


Naming and brand assets to capture market attention


Naming and brand assets to capture market attention

Based in Auckland, The Back Office Company provides bookkeeping, payroll, and stock and job management services for small and medium businesses. They market themselves as ‘the business behind yours’, efficiently keeping each client’s financial records up to date. This gives their clients more time to run their business and ensures decisions are based on accurate and timely information. The Back Office Company’s bookkeepers are all local, which allows them to keep up with legislative changes, fully understand clients’ businesses and meet with them in person if required.



Even successful brands grow tired

While the Back Office Company was a well-established business with a great reputation, they felt it was time for a brand refresh and asked us to make that happen. We learned that although their work is technical, it is also relationship driven - they need to be seen as a safe pair of hands for clients’ business financials. We also deduced that their website was performing relatively well, however the tried and tested calls to action needed more energy. During our discovery stage, we also noted how they were widely known as ‘TBO’ and happy to refer to themselves that way.

Reflecting the promise and the way they are

Working with their team, we developed a brand design brief and established the brand message as: Clients do what they do best – The Back Office Company does the rest. We also helped them realise that always using their full name, not just TBO, was a powerful opportunity. Changing from a cold green ‘tbo’ logo to a warm orange palette provided a modern feel, while reflecting their caring relationship-based approach. The new logo stacks the name behind a vertical line to indicate layers of support behind the scenes. To convey the brand’s essence on the website homepage, we used video of people working and collaborating in a back office to support their clients. This is overlaid with a clear promise ‘The business behind yours’.  The technical website build was also carefully managed to retain the existing site’s high levels of search optimisation.

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