The Loanary

Name and brand creation for a financial services start-up


Naming and brand assets to capture market attention


Naming and brand assets to capture market attention

A conversation between friends led a small group of highly experienced business bankers to form a new partnership. They shared a belief that the trend of replacing relationship banking with a more centralised call centre approach was ignoring the importance of looking after customers. They decided to use their expertise to help business owners achieve their goals through personalised financial planning and loan sourcing.


  • Naming
  • branding
  • illustration
  • animation
  • stationery
  • website design and build
  • vehicle graphics
  • banners

Clear values and purpose to inform the new brand

This start-up trusted us to understand their vision, convey their purpose and emphasise their points of difference. Having worked in senior finance roles for decades, they knew what they found most rewarding - helping people to achieve their immediate goals, then working alongside them for years to come. After a series of discovery sessions with our clients, we created a name, brand, website and a complete suite of marketing collateral.

Communicating the underlying brand through a name and design

The name, The Loanary, immediately communicates the partnership’s core business. It also conveys a sense of something special; something carefully created and lasting that offers a personalised experience. It carries associations with the likes of an orangery, fernery or artisan bakery. The letter Y forms a tree trunk symbolising strength and growth, while a slightly formal font speaks of experience and reliability. The clean uncluttered look and unbroken line illustrations produce a modern approachable feel with a promise of clarity and a continuing relationship.

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