Brand design for an innovative fintech start-up


Naming and brand assets to capture market attention


Naming and brand assets to capture market attention

Repeat business is a great measure of success, so we were delighted when the people at Happy Prime came back to us for Nomey, their latest fintech project. Nomey is an online financial help centre and clever personalised comparison website for mortgages, loans and credit. If you sign up and enter your details, Nomey finds the best financial products for you and your goals. It even indicates your chances of approval for each option.



A brand foundation for launch and growth

Happy Prime had already come up with the name Nomey, an anagram of ‘money’, which we loved. Our job was to create the brand design and tagline, design the website and user experience, and establish the brand guidelines. Given that Nomey’s about empowering Kiwis to improve their financial well-being, it was important the brand felt approachable, trustworthy and credible. At the same time, it needed to resonate with 20-something singles and mid-to-low income parents in their 30s.

Benefit-driven brand elements with immediate appeal

The tag line - unjumble your money - conveys Nomey’s overall benefit of bringing clarity to your personal finances. This is supported by the visual device of a thread moving from a tangle to a clear line. Warm contemporary colours, a distinctly Kiwi personality and the flowing logo typeface provide an approachable and reliable feel for the primary target audiences.
Update: After a couple of successful years, numerous changes affecting Nomey’s operating environment led to a pause in March 2022.  Plans for Nomey 2.0 are underway.

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