A purpose-built brand to fit a valuable gap in the market


A purpose-built brand to fit a valuable gap in the market

We had an established track record with this client, because we’d created their other brand – @height, a specialist aerial cleaning provider for high-rise building exteriors. This challenge was more down to earth: increasing demand for low-rise cleans made it opportune to create a purpose-built new company. Our clients needed a name and full brand fitout for the single-storey commercial exterior cleaning market in the Auckland region.



Brand naming and colour choice

There are times when you just need to say it like it is, and this was one of them. We looked at name availability in the commercial cleaning sector and one opportunity really stood out – WashCo. Plain and simple, highly memorable and 100% relevant to the company’s core business. We also claimed the most relevant colour for the sector: blue. Water will always be the primary solvent for commercial exterior cleaning, so it’s only logical to go with the flow.

A comprehensive brand roll out

Getting the WashCo brand ready for action involved a multi-faceted roll out. Along with the usual essentials, such as stationery and website, the project embraced employee uniforms and vehicle livery, to ensure people and vans are clearly identifiable as legitimate when working on commercial and private sites. Another need we met for Washco was print advertising design, because their potential customers can still be reached cost-effectively through traditional print channels.

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