FortyEight Shortland

New brand for barristers’ chambers

Tim Rainey Barrister

Raising the bar for a law brand

Tim Rainey Barrister

Raising the bar for a law brand

Established in 2018 by a group of eminent barristers, FortyEight Shortland is a modern, progressive chambers in the heart of Auckland’s legal district. Its membership now includes 14 high-calibre civil and commercial barristers who provide advocacy services in all New Zealand courts and tribunals. The resident barristers also support clients’ needs through arbitration, mediation, negotiation and technical specialist advice, using their strategic insight and commercial judgement.


FortyEight Shortland Reception

Developing a brand strategy and bringing it to life

FortyEight Shortland asked us to help them develop a long-term brand strategy to support the new chambers’ goals. Our first tasks from this strategy were to design the visual brand elements and apply them across client touchpoints. To represent the barristers appropriately, the brand needed to be confident, progressive and modern. At the same time, it had to support the individuality of each barrister and allow them to shine.

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A modern but quiet confidence

The heavily bold logo lettering clearly conveys confidence, while the modern font avoids any sense of stuffy arrogance. Using a numbered address to name a barristers’ chambers also adds a progressive element. It allows the members, who are all sole practitioners, to retain their legally-required independence. Quietly confident brand colours provide a modern feel of quality with an appropriate level of formality; they speak without shouting.

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