ADR Centre Group brands

Linked branding for five independent organisations


Naming and brand assets to capture market attention


Naming and brand assets to capture market attention

Five independent providers of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services are supported by The ADR Centre in Takapuna, Auckland. Each organisation provides dispute resolution services in a particular field, as an alternative to litigation through the courts. The centre operates alongside them. It provides a range of purpose-built rooms for mediation, training and conferences, along with modern technology and admin support specialists.



Clearly associated but independent brands

While developing an enduring brand strategy for The ADR Centre, we were asked to consider the creation of a family or suite of brands for the five organisations they support. The brief was to give the brands and the centre a cohesive feel when seen together, but ensure the organisations also stand alone as strong independent brands. With the ADR Centre’s branding completed, our ‘family’ of related brand designs were soon approved and implemented by each independent organisation.

A strong and unique geometric design for each brand

The Centre’s logo depicts two parties and a mediator in an equal-sided triangle. For each organisation we created a geometric design that conveys mediation, but also clearly echoes its individual field or jurisdiction. We employed distinct colours, fonts and imagery for each of the organisations, to convey that each is individual and independent, strong and reliable. The more subtle colours of the Centre support its role as the background enabler. When seen together, each organisation’s logo has a very different colour palette to clearly communicate independence. We also created a web design system that can be applied across all five websites, yet modified for each brand. It allows for distinct imagery, colour palettes and fonts while maintaining a consistent design structure.

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